chris gray : short attention span

Most of you know me for my deep house music and downbeat ambience, but here's a chance to check out my love for mellow hip hop… especially in the jazzy styles of A Tribe Called Quest.

Online and gadgets are arguably shortening our attention spans so I wanted to create a 10 minute hip hop flavored album to suit modern times. It's obvious that I'm out of my element style-wise, but we should always keep pushing ourselves to be better than we've been. Enjoy!


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Download the album! (single mp3 file)

Chris Gray - Short Attention Span (10 Minute Album)


[00:00] 1. Wake Up!
[00:09] 2. Don't Talk About Gadgets in Your Hip Hop
[01:41] 3. Butter'd Bread
[03:26] 4. Reset
[04:13] 5. Tik Tok Klok
[06:18] 6. Each Time Is The Last
[07:34] 7. Dukes
[08:10] 8. Tribe Come Back
[09:24] 9. How About A Little Kiss?
[10:09] 10. Klik klik

D4LLP005 - Deep4Life Recordings.
©℗ 2012 Chris Gray, published by Mind Massage (BMI).
Written and produced on Friday, January 13-Monday, January 16, 2012 in Bridgeport, Chicago, USA by Chris Gray.
Entire album, songs and vocals created using GarageBand on iPhone 4S. Final mix done using GarageBand for Mac.


The sound recordings cited here are for personal enjoyment and not for resale! For licensing information, please contact welisten @ (remove spaces)