chris gray : listen to my songs

Here are audio samples from most of the songs that I've written. What you can't find here may be found on Deep4Life. Most of these vinyl and CD releases are out of print, but we may rerelease some of them in the future. Thank you for letting yourself feel. Chris.

Please click each song title to hear a sample.

Chris Gray
"When Hoes Get Religion" (vinyl album)
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©2014 deep4life

Chris Gray
"Sbort Attention Span" (digital album)
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© 2012 Deep4Life Recordings

Chris Gray
"Vivid|Sensuality" (digital double-album)
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© 2009 Deep4Life Recordings

Chris Gray - "Mental Patient" (vinyl ep)
Ah Feu Ben Din La
Wish I Could Say Hello
Harsh Reality In The Halfway House
Eyefolds And Straight Jackets
© 2002 Deep4Life Recordings

Moonchildren - "Rapid Eye Movement" (vinyl minilp)
And Then There Was Darkness...
Root Cause
Calling For My Lover
Rapid Eye Movement
© 2001 Deep4Life Recordings

Chris Gray - "Tried To Be Good" (vinyl minilp)
Deep Soldiers
Take My Hand
Tried To Be Good (To You)
Suffrage (interlude)
For Being You
Ran Away (alternate mix)
© 2001 Deep4Life Recordings

Damaged Sole - "Feels Nice" (vinyl ep)
Feels Nice
Only Place
In Your Eyes
© 2000 Deep4Life Recordings

Utterance - "Grant Me Utterance" (vinyl remix)
Deep Pain Vocal
Deep Pain Dub
© 2000 Deep4Life Recordings

Moonchildren - "Beyond Love" (vinyl ep)
Beyond Love
When Conscious Becomes Comfort
Into the Storm
© 2000 Deep4Life Recordings

Chris Gray - "Sweetness You Bring" (vinyl ep)
Sweetness You Bring
Ran Away (classic rmx)
Brink of Insanity
© 2000 Deep4Life Recordings

Moonchildren - "Ran Away" (vinyl ep)
Ran Away
Silent Crying
No Other
© 2000 Deep4Life Recordings

Chris Gray - "Emotional Distortion" (cd/lp vinyl album)
Emotional Distortion
Undoubted Luv
Protekt U Frum The Werld
3-sided luv
Forgive Me
Wish U Were Here
As the Sun Sets
N2 Nite
My Luv 4u
Ocean Floor
Luv Pergatory
© 1999 Deep4Life Recordings

Chris Gray - "Trippy Fingers" (vinyl ep)
In Trippy Flight
Universal Spirit
High Above
© 1999 Track Mode Recordings

Chris Gray - "Fish & Luvconfushun" (cd/lp vinyl album)
All the Love
Sun Needs Planet
Lost Dimension
Fish & Luvconfushun
Sullen U
Who 2 Luv?
Blueprints For Your Mind
Stellar Sonis
© 1999 Fragmented Records UK

Chris Gray - "For Jazzmyn" (vinyl sampler)
For Jazzmyn
© 1999 Fragmented Records

Chris Gray - "Probe of the Outermental" (vinyl ep)
Probe of the Outermental
All The Love
So Far Away
What We Feel
© 1998 Fragmented Records UK

Chris Gray - "Intelligent Emotions" (vinyl ep)
Blueprints For Your Mind
Rain's Love
Diffused Emotion
© 1997 Fragmented Records UK

Chris Gray - "Tranquil Solutions" (vinyl ep)
Tranquil Solutions
In The Dark
© 1998 Music Is... Records UK

Chris Gray - "Deeper Level of Understanding" (vinyl lp)
Nite Aire
Mind Flux
Mello Minds
Yen Yang
Blue Waters
Deeper Level Of Understanding
Waves Eternal
© 1997 Music Is... Records UK

Chris Gray - "Party Flava" (vinyl ep)
Party Flava
I'll Never Do It Again
Can't Go Back To You
© 1996 DC-10 Records

Chris Gray - "Very Moody" (vinyl ep)
Very Moody
When Petals Fall
Twist of Lime
© 1996 Subwoofer Records UK

Chris Gray - "The Moonchildren (vinyl ep)"
Chambers of the House
Free Spirit
Whatever It Is
© 1995 Subwoofer Records UK