chris gray : mechanics of me

We're proud to present the 3rd edition of Mechanics of Me!

About the book:

This project began as a simple, personal diary of select events that are essential to fueling his love of music and life. These writings are now presented in Chris Gray's first book Mechanics of Me (third edition).

In the book, Chris discusses a wide range of topics that include poverty-stricken life in sometimes racist Mississippi, his musically talented family, addiction to house music, a destiny with Chicago life, crazy music business drama, Billboard Dance Summit and Winter Music Conference adventures, travels to England, France and Australia, the madness behind his own music and of course … his favorite foods!

:: Download and read a PDF version of Mechanics of Me. ::

A note from Chris:

Hello and thanks everyone for your support!

I've never felt comfortable being pushy with my art, but felt compelled to complete this project. Mechanics of Me is especially for those who support deep house music and its history.

This book is hopefully another catalyst for house music pioneers—from DJ to dancer— to tell their stories. In order to build a proper library, no one else can really write the experiences behind the music but those who were there! Each unique story should be told.

So what are you waiting for? Get started!

It's my belief that the spirit is greater than one person.