chris gray : biography

Chris Gray is a Chicago-based artist and writer who was born and raised in the Mississippi Delta.

He relocated to Chicago after earning his Bachelors of Arts degree in Broadcast News from Mississippi State University in 1992.

A few short years later he launched his successful record label Deep4Life, which concentrates on deep, tranquil, melodic house music, techno and downbeat styles. Chris also wrote an autobiographical book entitled Mechanics Of Me.

Chris' house music journey began Spring of 1986 when a poorly-recorded mixtape from WKKC 89.3 FM fell into his possession.

A close cousin provided him with what was a new style of music at that time, and it would change his life forever. Although the seeds of house music were planted in Chicago's culture rich pockets during the late 1970's and early 80's, its presence had yet to be felt in the fertile farmlands of the Mississippi Delta.

Listen in as Chris spent 2+ hours in a rare interview with Michael Terzian of Salvation from Sin.

But down deep in Greenwood, Mississippi that spring, a new disciple of underground ambience was baptized.

It's a fact that Chris experienced a bad reaction to house music while listening to it for the first time.

But just as time is needed to acquire a proper palette for drinking fine wine and eating exotic cuisine, Chris eventually developed a taste for the essence of life that many crave. He began devouring the new house ambrosia with uncontrollable addiction.

Over the years he collected a wide variety of house mixtapes from all over the globe. This hobby would ultimately inspire him to develop The Deephouse Projekt in 1990.

This project is Chris' ongoing search to explore and understand the roots of house music and its perpetual migrations.

Phone and the internet research produced many credible sources who taught him about house music's controversial history.

Sources include those pioneers who were present at the original Warehouse club, Bismark and other legendary Chicago nightspots that served as shelters for the house music community.

So motivated and eager, he embarked upon his own pilgrimage by blindly relocating to Chicago. The year was 1992 and he felt it was time to chase yet another dream after he finished university.

There isn't tangible evidence per se that it was Chris' destiny to make a mark in Chicago, but he quickly settled in and continued his work anyway. And to note, he'd never visited the city before relocating.

Chris quickly learned that politics and greed were present in many facets of Chicago life and unfortunately the house scene wasn't exempt.

But he refused to get involved with negative fraternization and allowed an ancient spirit to be resurrected though his music instead.

It is this very spirit that helps him and other devoted followers to continue uplifting and exploring this unique music form.

Note: Kennedy-King College's WKKC 89.3 FM is a university radio station located on the south side of Chicago. It was an early supporter of the house community and developed a number of artists over a 20 year span.